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Painting of A Canada Goose that I see frequently

My Most Canadian Story (So Far)

Hey all! Been taking a break right now to focus on my health so I have been slow in coming up with posts. But I had this moment that just hit me as the most Canadian story I have had so far. Read on to find out what it is! How Things Started: I had … Continue reading “My Most Canadian Story (So Far)”

Total Solar Eclipse in August 2017

Hi everyone! I decided to share one of my travel stories about seeing a total solar eclipse. Originally, I was planning to travel to see this annular eclipse in Northern Ontario/Quebec in June. Let’s just say it’s not going to work out. So, I wanted to share the story of how I officially became an … Continue reading “Total Solar Eclipse in August 2017”

Seventh Month Theme: Mishmash

Hey everyone, didn’t know how to title this theme even though I gave it a lot of thought. It’s really been a mishmash! Health is A Factor: A week after I got my COVID-19 shot, I had gum graft surgery. Fortunately, the pain was FAR less than it was the first time I got it … Continue reading “Seventh Month Theme: Mishmash”

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