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Autumn Leaves

Preparing for Winter 2021

Yes, I know it’s September, but the leaves started to turn in mid-August! Word is that it has to do with the drought and heatwaves that we had this summer. So, this year I’m not going to be caught off guard when it comes to winter. I’m already thinking through things I need to buy … Continue reading “Preparing for Winter 2021”

Lindsay Park

Park #6: Lindsay Park and River Walk (Repost)

Date visited: August 9, and August 12, 2021 Location: SE Calgary. Or SW? I’m confused about that! Best Time of Year To Visit: Any time of year. This park wasn’t selected randomly. I was in the area twice within a few days of each other, so I decided to stop by the park. Note: I’m … Continue reading “Park #6: Lindsay Park and River Walk (Repost)”

More on Divided Loyalties

Hey everyone! After I wrote my post on Enjoying Sports as A TCK, I felt it was important to expand more into the topic of divided loyalties. There are a lot of incorrect ideas floating around, and I wish to set the record straight. There are so many famous quotes about how division is bad, … Continue reading “More on Divided Loyalties”

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