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Bowmont Park #5

Park #5: Bowmont Park

Date visited: July 14, 2021 Location: NW Calgary Best Time of Year To Visit: This looks like a good year-round park. This park wasn’t selected randomly. We were in the area, so we decided to check out this park. I think this park was near the outskirts of the city. We had to go pretty … Continue reading “Park #5: Bowmont Park”

South Glenmore Park Map

Park #4: South Glenmore Park

Date visited: July 12, 2021 Location: SW Calgary Best Time of Year To Visit: Summer is beautiful, but I am interested to see what it’s like at other times of the year. Before you ask, yes there is a North Glenmore Park. It’s on my list for another day because 1. It would have been … Continue reading “Park #4: South Glenmore Park”

Enjoying Sports as A TCK

Hey everyone! In honour of the Tokyo Olympics coming up, I wanted to share some stories about international sporting events that I have seen in my life. People ask me questions about it, so here are all the answers! Please note, in this post, I refer to soccer as football, unless I specify that it’s … Continue reading “Enjoying Sports as A TCK”

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