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Sue Higgins Park

Parks #10: Sue Higgins Park

Date visited: October 7, 2021 Location: SE Calgary Best Time of Year To Visit: Any time, especially for dogs! Arriving at the Park: I particularly wanted to mention how we got to Sue Higgins Park. We were walking along Blackfoot Trail. The intersection between Blackfoot Trail and Deerfoot Trail is near the park, and it…

From Monarchy to Republic

From Monarchy to Republic

I’m going to assume you all know about Barbados removing the Queen as the head of state. It seems there is a ripple effect of Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean gaining independence from the English monarchy! Jamaica is the latest country to start the process of removing the Queen as its head of state. The…

Reader Rock Garden

Park #9: Reader Rock Garden

Date visited: September 5, 2021 Location: SE Calgary (at least this one is clear!) Best Time of Year To Visit: Any time there is greenery out, otherwise you just get rocks, bare deciduous trees, snow and ice. I don’t recommend going when the Calgary Stampede is on though. You won’t get any peace and quiet…


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