I get asked this question a lot. Here are my reasons why:

I Am A Third Culture Kid (or TCK):

What is a Third Culture Kid? Sociologist Ruth Useem developed the term to mean “a child who grows up in a culture different from the one in which his or her parents grew up.” So what’s my TCK story? I have lived in four countries, so far. I was born a US citizen in Switzerland, but my parents were dividing life between there and France. My childhood in the USA was spent in three different states during an eight-year period. I grew up in England and obtained dual UK nationality. I repatriated to the US seven years ago, intending to stay permanently. So, I have itchy feet! Plus, the election results in 2016 were an utter disaster! Trump and his ilk go against everything I stand for as a TCK! At least I can rely on my experience of moving to other countries to help me in the process.

Good Quality of Life in Canada:

Growing up, I learned what qualities make a country good to live in. Canada has consistently scored high in quality of life, happiness and health in international rankings. It’s further ahead on those rankings than other countries I have lived in, with the exception of Switzerland. I guess I will find out soon why that’s the case!

I Want A Better Life:

The main reason why people move to another country is to achieve a better life for themselves and their family. Deciding to move to a new country takes a lot of honest self-reflection. At first, I did not want to move to another country. I know the challenges and stressors that can happen during the process of immigration. I had hoped that the US would recover from the disastrous 2016 election results and I wished to be a part of the process. Then, I saw the shock waves of the disastrous election are being felt most strongly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to more disastrous consequences. I cannot see myself having any sort of future in the US anymore. The more I learned about Canada, the more convinced I am of moving there. I shall continue my reasons for wanting to move to Canada in future posts.

More About Me:

Here’s some more about me. I recently graduated from college/university as an Economics and Data Science major. I am moving to Canada on the International Experience Canada (IEC) visa through InterExchange. Any students or graduates out there who wish to learn more about this visa? Please leave a comment and I will direct you to the right places!

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Coming soon: Packing tips, finance tips and doing your research. Stay tuned for more!


7 thoughts on “I’m Moving To Canada! Read On To Find Out Why!”

  1. Looks like a world of experiences. I agree with you on your reason to leave the U.S. Unfortunately, even with #45 gone, the mood and mentality persists. For “the best democracy in the free world”, it seems to have a lot of loopholes to doing the right thing. Not that our leaders are any great prize. Stay well and keep on posting. Allan

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  3. Where in Canada? I’m Australian but have lived in Canada for 36 years so I’m really Canadian now, though I have dual citizenship and I’ll always be an Aussie. It’s a really good country. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it here. Good luck with the move.

    1. Right now I’m moving to Calgary because I have friends there. Maybe my job with the IEC visa will take me somewhere else! And thank you! I can’t wait! 😊

  4. This puts things in perspective. It’s interesting to know that there’s an exchange system. Presumably you can change your mind if it doesn’t work out?

    1. Of course I can change my mind! I have a good feeling about it and I know there will be challenges, but I say bring it on! Stay tuned for updates and thank you for being my first commentor (if that’s a word)! 😊🇨🇦

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