10 Day Travel Challenge- Day 10

Hey everyone! This is the Travel Challenge! I was invited by Ariela from arielaonthego to post one of my favourite travel pictures a day for ten days! (Thank you for the nomination!)

So, the rules are to post 10 travel pictures for 10 days and do 10 nominations. Many of you are already busy with the challenges, tags, or nominations. However, if you want to participate, consider yourself nominated! And have fun posting travel photos! By the way, if you are doing a blog about your own country, feel free to post beautiful photos from there too! We would love to see them!

If you know where one of my photos was taken, let me know in the comments. The next day, I will reveal the locations of the previous picture. So stay tuned! Enjoy! Not sure if I will make it all 10 days. Plus, I may have to go a day or two without posting. Still getting settled in a new country after all!

**Please note that I am closing my blog survey on the 15th, so if you haven’t filled it out yet, please do! I will do a summary post of the travel challenge and include my survey results soon!


Answer to Day 9: Grand Teton National Park from over a couple of decades ago. Shout out to Monkey’s Tale for the correct answer!

Day 10 Photo:

* Hint: Listen to the song Everywhere by Tim McGraw.

If you answered it correctly I will give you a shout out on the next post and at the end of the challenge!

Today, I nominate Rochelle from Adventures from Elle. I hope you can participate! If you can’t, or if you have already done it, that’s fine too.

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