Bloganuary Day 2: Road Trip

Bloganuary Day 2: What is a road trip you would love to take?

Today’s Prompt:

What is a road trip you would love to take?


When I was a kid living in the USA, my parents and I took a lot of road trips! When we were living there again, we went back to doing road trips. The best road trip I ever took was to see a total solar eclipse in John Day, Oregon. After that, I became an eclipse chaser! If you have seen a total eclipse, you know why. That’s the perfect excuse to do road trips!

My Answer:

There are going to be TWO solar eclipses in 2024. The totality zone for the first one is in the Southern USA, and the second one is in the Maritime provinces of Canada. The eclipses are four months apart, and I plan to take the opportunity to drive around the USA and Canada. I haven’t seen the Southern USA, and I would like to explore Civil War monuments and battlefields along the way. I haven’t properly explored the East Coast of the USA or Canada either, so that will be amazing. Plus, I would love to check out the country music scene in Tenessee.

I have lived in Canada for almost a year, but I haven’t had an opportunity to do a road trip yet. I would love to drive around the country at some point. There are parts of the country I can’t access by road, but I would love to fly to see those too. There are parts of the USA I haven’t seen either. The things I prioritize for a road trip are national parks, historical sites, or anything else that is culturally significant. People often tell me that certain areas are boring like Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North and South Dakota. I don’t listen because I’m sure I can find the gold in those areas.

Other places where I would love to do a road trip include Norway, Sweden and Iceland. I heard they have incredibly scenic landscapes and fjords that are worth driving by. Other than that, I am always keeping my eyes peeled for road trip recommendations, and whenever there is a total solar eclipse.

One Last Thing:

I feel like wherever you travel, it’s important to use whatever means of transport that will maximize the fun of it. If that means taking the Trans Siberian Railway for 8 days, that’s amazing! If it’s better to fly, that’s fine too. There are places where road trips wouldn’t be ideal, in which case, improvise! The end goal is to maximize the fun of the trip and have a great experience.

So, that’s my answer. What do you think?