Can you guess what my surprise is?


Yes! After 20 months of living in Canada, we will finally be reunited with my Dad!

Additionally, my uncle and cousin will be visiting after helping him move. And that’s all I’m going to reveal at this time. To those of you who know my plans for when my uncle and cousin are visiting, no spoilers in the comments!

Posts Update:

I am rather busy preparing for the big arrival, so I have the next few posts pre-scheduled. Okay, they are the posts catching up with my Parks Challenge. And on that note, I am about to see Park #15, so watch this space!

Additionally, I won’t be commenting on posts as often, so bear with me and I will get to it when things calm down (possibly in July).

I have never prepared for a family member moving from another country before. It’s about as stressful as actually moving to another country. I think back to when I had 8 hours to prepare for my Dad arriving last October on my own because Mum was in the hospital. Seriously, how did I do it when I was running on adrenaline and pure fatigue? TCK instinct perhaps. I shall never know.

Speaking of which, my Mum made a rather funny comment about when I met my Dad at the airport and he was randomly selected for a COVID-19 test. She was referring to the ending of The Railway Children. The clip is here in case you aren’t familiar with it.

So Mum said, β€œAfter you said, β€œDaddy! My Daddy!” the officials said, β€œSorry, we are randomly selecting your Dad for a COVID-19 test!” right?”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that comment. Seriously, can you imagine this video having an interruption like, β€œWe interrupt this special moment to give your Dad a random COVID-19 test!”

As happy as this time is, there is something sad. Our cat Pixie will not be moving here. After much consideration, it was best we leave her behind. This is the second time we had to do this because of an international move but it’s no easier the second time. 😿😿

If I don’t talk to you before July, have a lovely June!