Humour never fails to keep me going during winter! There are lots of things that one can do to stay physically and mentally healthy during winter. This winter, I haven’t been able to do a lot of those things. One thing I know I can always rely on is humour.

Since moving to Canada, I have discovered the joy of Canadian comedians. In this movie “Being Canadian”, one of the guests had this line (and I’m paraphrasing), “Sweden has long winters and they come up with Death Metal. In Canada, we came up with comedy.” Another line is, “heat kills comedy”. Although, I am not sure about other northern countries and their humour (except maybe Russia). Russia is not on the same level as Canada when it comes to comedy. Here’s my list of countries and what I believe their Arctic-like winters have created. Please feel free to add to any of this.

Canada: Comedy.

Russia: Literature.

Finland: Saunas.

Norway: Death Metal.

Sweden: Tomten.

Iceland: Bathing in hot springs.

Scotland: Bagpipes, especially if you combine winter with the highlands.

I have noticed that these countries have a lot in common when it comes to winter activities, but I particularly chose things with a cultural element.

Without further ado, here are my favourite videos of winter humour from Canadian comedians. Please enjoy!

This Hour Has 22 Minutes:

For those of you outside of Canada, This Hour Has 22 Minutes is the political and news satire show here. It’s like Saturday Night Live (US) and Have I Got News For You (UK) had a baby.

In honour of the Winter Olympics, here is some curling humour.

A former 22 Minutes presenter, Shaun Majumder would make fun of a racist stereotype with his character Raj Binder. Here he is talking about ice fishing.

You can find more of his Raj Binder skits on YouTube.

Additionally, here is why the Vikings left Canada

Comedy Routines:

Here are my favourite comedy routines about winter.

And of course, combining winter humour with cultural humour is gold!

Thank goodness I have a VPN, so I will be able to access the funniest CBC shows no matter where I am in the world! It’s not like it was before where I would leave a country and miss their humour. I would love to shake hands with the person who invented VPNs because I can access BBC comedy shows from the UK as well! Okay, I’m spoiled. Lol. But I admit, it’s better than missing your favourite things about a country.

Still to come, more posts I want to do about Canada before I leave!

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  1. I heard about VPN, but have never used it. Does it change your location? I watched many videos about Canada vs. U.S. It is quite popular to compare the two…

    1. Yes, the VPN changes your location and it provides more internet security. It is popular to compare the US and Canada. Sometimes, it’s funny, but sometimes I can get tired of it. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  2. Canadians like to poke fun at our winters, before other countries do. CBC may be a bit political at times and be funded from the public purse, but they do put out some good comedy. If you live in Vancouver, they joke about Edmonton’s winter by saying it has 10 months of winter and 2 months of good skiing. I say….But, at least it’s sunny. Stay well and enjoy the comedy. Allan

    1. That is true about CBC. I remember hearing that Shaun Majumder was fired and thinking that was such a bad move! He can pull out some great comedy! I’m glad I have been in Canada long enough to understand that joke. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

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