I know I said I would be taking a short break from the blog, but then I got inspired. It’s going to be a short post again because I felt it important to share that when you move internationally, you have to expect the unexpected!

I know it’s a cliche, but in this regard it’s true.

Anyone who knows me knows I am the queen of to-do lists and organizing and I can’t live without my bullet journal!

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I know as my moving date gets closer more unexpected things are going to happen. It doesn’t end when your moving date happens either. The unexpected stuff takes a while to go away after your moving date.

Let me give you a few examples that have already happened to me:

My Cell Phone:

I found out my cell phone plan didn’t do international calls. There was an important call I had to make. I had to delay it until I could update my cell phone plan.

I was also confused because I thought something was wrong with the number I had. Fortunately, there wasn’t a time limit on needing to make the call. If there was, I would have been freaking out.

I found out the number was correct, and I added international calls to my phone plan with no stress at all. Funny how with your daily cell phone use you forget what your plan doesn’t have.


Money is the biggest worry when moving. One wrong move and it can be an expensive mistake. So far, money is the thing that sets off an emotional meltdown.

I decided to set up a bank account in Canada before I left. It’s rather detail-oriented though. When you’re under moving stress, it’s easy to forget if you have already been told something.

I may be super organized, but that doesn’t mean I don’t forget things. Overall, I am glad I decided to set up the bank account before I got there, but more on that in another post.

Personal Relationships:

I’m so glad that my Mum and I are working so well together with this moving business! We have done this before and every time, we get better at it!

We have divided our jobs up and we are accepting if my job overlaps with hers and vice versa. At least we are communicating, and there for each other at the emotionally low times because trust me, there are a lot of those happening!

I’m SO grateful for my friends! I text them regularly because it’s nice to talk to someone while this stuff is going on. Plus, texting them is a kind of a breather from the hustle and bustle.

That’s not to say unexpected stuff doesn’t happen. I have friends who really aren’t supportive and don’t understand what’s going on and I have to keep them at arm’s length. Those friends cause more stress than what it’s worth and it’s better not to deal with it right now. I can go back later though, but I need space from those unsupportive friends.


Sometimes, there is a deadline that falls on you unexpectedly and you HAVE to drop everything and sort it out! It is a big relief when you do sort it out though, and it’s time for a bit of self-care! My favourite thing to do at the end of a stressful day is to have a bubble bath!

Other things:

Sometimes, you overlook something you have to do, and you just shrug and do it. I wasn’t planning on voting for a few days, but then I got my ballot and I thought, β€œLet’s get on with it!” It’s better to get those done soon so they don’t cause stress later on.

To all my Canadian followers, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving for Monday! I’ll be having my own small celebration that day too, even though I’m not there yet.

Talk to you all later!

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  1. There’s a lot to deal with when moving, even more so when moving to a different country, so it helps to stay organized. All the best on packing and getting ready to move to Canada. That’s so exciting!! Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I’m kinda excited about it since we’re gonna have raspberry cheesecake instead of pumpkin pie! lol
    I had to move 3 times in my life and totally understand what you’re going thru! You have to be very brave to repeat it for the second time, let go of multiple times!
    There are a lot of details to consider and as you mentioned, one wrong move and you’ll waste tons of money!
    You shouldn’t even call those people as friends! What kind of a friend would stress you out, even more, when they know you’re going thru a big change?!
    ICBC had an account for newcomers a while ago that they gave $300 just to open the account. I don’t know if they still got it or no thou. I don’t like TD at all! They just gave me a hard time with their tax paperwork stuff. I’m a big fan of RBC tho! I think you’ll like it too.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your raspberry cheesecake! 😍
      This is actually my fourth time moving. The first one I was a baby so I don’t remember it and the second one I was 10. It gets harder when you’re an adult.
      Well, I have a complicated situation with a friend who is also going through a hard time, so I just had to let that go for a while.
      Thanks for the bank suggestions, but as an expat, I have found HSBC to be invaluable! Yes, there are issues sometimes, but I have never known a bank be more solid with expat finance than HSBC and it’s no wonder they are a successful global bank. I know the CEO supports mainland China in unrest with Hong Kong, but that’s not why I’m a customer. If anything, the CEO shouldn’t have pissed off a major financial city! After all, the H stands for Hong Kong. Thanks for stopping by!

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