I’m already making my future plans for 2023! Here are some of the exciting changes coming up and also a survey if you want to leave any feedback!

Future plans and survey
Upcoming Changes List:
New domain and rebranding in spring
Email list
Content about copywriting and freelancing
Content about being a digital nomad
More social media marketing
Upcoming Changes List

New Domain and Rebranding:

I was lucky enough to snag the domain tckdigitalnomad.com. How cool am I?

I do like my website’s look after working on it so hard. Although, I will welcome any further feedback on it since website design is one of my copywriting services.

I will keep the same logo but change the name, and my email and IG handle will change to match my site.

These changes will be happening in March.

Email List:

I’m getting serious now, so it’s time for an email list!

Okay, I know that people have email inboxes that look like Niagra Falls these days: Everything you get falls to the bottom. I stole that line from my computer science professor way back when!

Don’t worry though.

I promise to not

A: Sell your information.

B: Only send an email once a month!

I hate it when people sell my information and spam me too! It’s not conducive to concentrating when doing content creation!

Content will include not only posts from the past month but any content that didn’t make it into those posts! You will also be the first to know of any copywriting deals I release!

This bears repeating:

Any trolls will be removed. So I would say if you are even THINKING of trolling me, DON’T BOTHER!

Take Note!

See below for more information on how to subscribe!

Content About Copywriting and Freelancing:

Pop Tv Work GIF by Schitt's Creek - Find & Share on GIPHY

My job title is now Freelance Conversion Copywriter and Content Writer! So, I will be sharing stories about my experience!

If you are interested in my services, I am creating a page on my site for them! It will be titled My Copywriting Services!

When it is ready, I will post a link to it on my Insta Links page.

I won’t be revealing stuff that I shouldn’t be revealing though.

Content About Being a Digital Nomad:

From preparation to execution, expect more content about being a digital nomad!

My focus on being a digital nomad will be doing it ethically. Respect for the host culture is imperative to me!

There are too many things going on with digital nomading that are unethical or downright destructive. I’m going to try to avoid that as much as humanly possible and if I can’t, I will say so.

More Social Media Marketing:

I’m going to start a YouTube Channel after I have done my rebranding. Plus, I will be doing more marketing on Instagram, and I am considering TikTok.

The focus will be mainly on travel and nature photography like I have been doing but in vlog format. Expect some other cool stuff on there as well!

Fyi, I cancelled my Twitter page after everything that’s been going down with that.


Here are some questions I have already been asked, but if you have any further questions, you can ask them in the comments or by email. Also, let me know if I can share your questions so that the answers are more publicly available.

Even though some answers are above, it’s good to have it all here in one space.

What Will the New Domain Be?:

tckdigitalnomad.com. Watch this space!

Where Can I Subscribe to Your Email List?:

For now, you can go to my survey and let me know if you want to subscribe. I will be adding features to my site to make it easier to join.

How Can I Find Your Copywriting Services?:

I am creating a page My Copywriting Services as we speak! I will provide updates in my monthly emails.

When Will the Digital Nomad Content Start?:

Right now, I will be talking about how I am preparing for being a digital nomad. I can’t say for sure when I will start, but when it does, I will let you know!

However, one trip plan is going to Reno again. I would like to have fun there that I missed out on before and it will tie everything about the accident up in a nice bow!

Any Other Changes?:

I will be posting every other Saturday. I’m freelancing now, so duty calls!

How’s Your Recovery?:

As you probably noticed from above, an amazing thing that happened during the accident was my brain reset! Things that used to bother me and affect my mental health just don’t anymore!

It is also 6 weeks done out of 8-12 weeks. I’m having more good days, but I still have some pain and bad days. I’m not pushing anything and just being patient with my body and mind.

What about the medical costs you ask? Well, I have started calling Canada America’s Moon because healthcare costs there are 6 times lighter than in the US, even taking the exchange rate into account.

My survey will close on New Year’s Eve, so don’t forget to fill it in at https://forms.gle/HGQSPfXo5YGwgbNH6! Thank you!

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  1. How exciting!! Congrats on snagging an awesome domain. Best of luck with your youtube channel and with vlogging. Glad to hear that you’re doing well and are recovering from the accident.

  2. Good luck with all your upcoming changes. Digital nomad is such a cool job and look forward to hearing more about the day to day experience.

  3. Looking forward to reading more about your copywriting and content writing! And glad you are slowly but surely recovering. Best of luck on these new ventures and I wish you lots of success!

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