Sometimes it’s impossible to relieve the stress of moving abroad. Although, there are times when it is possible. I have some stress relievers that are tried and true for me, but I like to play with them.

I don’t know what to call them, so I just say they are quirks, habits and routines. Read on to find out what I do!

The movies and shows I refer to contain spoilers.

I also posted some GIFs on Instagram related to this post that you can see too!

The Great Escape:

I never would have guessed that I could relate to a movie about a German POW camp when I’m moving abroad!


When I have 20 days left in a country, I refer to it as 20 days in the cooler!

Blazing Saddles:

I should have expected that a comedy that makes fun of racism can provide entertainment for moving abroad, but I didn’t! Here are my faves!

Authentic Frontier Gibberish:

Sometimes, people give me authentic frontier gibberish for moving away. It’s a lot like this.

Shitload of Dimes:

When Mum and I moved to Canada, we were concerned about whether we would be let in. To laugh about that, and the time my Dad was turned away, I say being turned away is like going back to get a shitload of dimes!

Fingers crossed because I’m a US citizen the border crossing will go smoothly and I won’t have to go back to get a shitload of dimes!

You Know, Morons:

When people give me shit for moving, I remember this classic line from Blazing Saddles. I especially remember it when I get stupid ethnocentric crap.

Did you know Gene Wilder improvised that line?

I mean, it is nice to see that Jim is reassuring Sherrif Bart and telling him to remember what the people are. Then he adds, “You know, morons.” Epic!

Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit:




Sniffing glue.

I added some of my own like huffing paint thinner and antidepressants.

The Poor Didn’t Want This One:

When I am getting rid of stuff, invariably, there is stuff that is hard to get rid of! When that happens, I think of the Sound of Music. Maria says that their worldly clothes were given to the poor.

When Captain Von Trapp asks her about her dress and Maria says, “The poor didn’t want this one!”

I can’t get over Captain Von Trapp saying, “Hmm” in response to that!

Yeah, sometimes you get rid of stuff that nobody wants. Unfortunately, the only choice is landfill.

A New Addition– Schitt’s Creek!:

In my last post, I mention that I am waiting for the right time to say Johnny Rose’s line in Season 1, Episode 1 of “there’s a pharmacy of drugs wearing off most of us right now!”

Pharmacy of Drugs

Elaborating on how I can relate to Schitt’s Creek as a TCK, especially when I move abroad is a post in its own right. But for now, this GIF sums up beautifully what I want to do when the days get rough.

It’s The Final Countdown:

When it’s 10 days before I leave a country, I play this song.

Depending on the Move:

This is for when my Dad and I are driving through the mountains. Dad had better not say to me to head it off at the pass! I genuinely HATE that cliche!

Another thing I just did was watch Fly Away Home and Storm Boy. I’m so going to miss the magpies that I feed! These movies are great for when you get so attached to birds and then you have to part from them!

Well, that’s it for my little quirks, habits and routines that keep me sane when I move abroad.

This will be my last post in Canada, so next time I will share my story of driving a moving van back to the Bay Area!

See you on the other end!

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    1. Me too! I am going to do an entire post about how I can relate to it moving abroad! When Mum and I first watched it right after moving to Canada we were like, “Is this for real?” because it’s so hard to find something that you can really relate to when moving abroad!

  1. These are some great movies and quotes that you’ve referenced. They all seem very fitting. I love that you’ve even added something from Schitt’s Creek. What a great show. The Sound of Music is also one of my all-time favourite movies. Best of luck with the drive to SanFran!!

    1. Thanks. Just a heads up, Blazing Saddles pushes the very boundaries of what is appropriate humour. Get through the first 5 minutes and you’ll realize they are making fun of racism. Although, NOTHING is sacred to Mel Brooks! Nothing. Still, I have friends from different racial backgrounds that absolutely love this movie! Thanks for commenting 😊

      1. They do say the n-word, but they do it to make fun of racism in America. Two of my friends who love that movie are Black American, and actually, they hate it when their friends who are Black don’t understand the humour. Their advice is get through the first 5 minutes. You’ll understand it’s making fun of racism. Although, in the movie, Mel Brooks makes fun of white supremacists, cultural appropriation, Nazis, the KKK, rural America, the West. Seriously, nothing is sacred to Mel Brooks

      2. I just finished watching the Blazing Saddles now. It’s kinda nice, I will rate it 6.0/10 only because it’s a classic.

      3. Cool! It really is a classic. My friends and I have a wish that we had been at the premiere! Did you know that the actor who plays Lyle was really good friends with Cleavon Little? Apparently, the actor who plays Lyle had trouble with saying the lines that were racist because he was friends with Cleavon Little. Cleavon Little said to him that he understood though that those lines had to be said because of the movie. If those lines were said to his face, they would have had a problem

      4. It was so funny to learn that! If you think about it, there are worse things from that movie that a four year old could yell in a store. Believe it or not, I first saw Blazing Saddles when I was 8, with my parents. Of course, the movie was accompanied by a lecture on how I am not allowed to use slurs, it was okay. I am not the sort of person to use words like that anyway

      5. That’s good. Kids shouldn’t watch that movie without adult supervision. It’s a funny movie.

      6. Yes Lily. Maybe over time I wouldn’t mind too. So, what other interesting movies have you seen?

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