Date visited: July 8, 2021

Location: NW Calgary

Best Time of Year To Visit: Year-round.

Best Time of Day: The early afternoon can get quite busy, so I would say mornings are a better time. Keep in mind that you’re sharing the river walk with cyclists. Therefore, please stick to the markers for pedestrians.

This park wasn’t selected randomly either. We were in the same area as this park so we decided to stop by since it was on the list and the closest. We went past 7-10 days between this one and the last one thanks to flood and tornado warnings in Calgary. I’m not going to be too hard on myself if we go longer than the time frame.

Additionally, something fortuitous happened. I noticed that during the Calgary Stampede, Calgary Transit offers a day pass for $8 each. I think I’m going to take the opportunity to see more of Calgary during the Stampede thanks to Calgary Transit!

Shouldice Park Map
My Only Picture of Shouldice Park

Back to the Park and River Walk:

To be honest, the walk by the river far outdid the park. The park isn’t something you would normally go out of your way to see. Hence why we just stopped by. There are two other parks nearby: Bowmont Park and Edworthy Park. After walking along the river for a while, we decided to wait to go see the other parks.

It was a beautiful day to go and see the river! The water looked so clear and there were a lot of people rafting down the river. Plus a lot of people were out cycling. There are areas for pedestrians and cyclists on the riverwalk and people are respectful of it.

I had walked along that part of the river earlier in the year and saw a bird of prey in the isle in the river! People walking by said it might have been an eagle! I couldn’t get as good a photo as I had hoped, but I think an eagle is a good guess.

Shouldice Athletic Park itself is nothing to write home about unless you’re practicing the sports there. If you walk or cycle by the river though, it’s so worth it!

If you miss any of my future posts on my challenge or want to reread my past posts, you can go to my page Calgary Parks Challenge. You can also find more photos from the parks on my Instagram page here.

See you at the next park in my challenge!

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  1. Wow, that dandelion! The blue of the water is really gorgeous and something I love too! We went to Banff and Lake Louise in February/March a long time ago. The lake was frozen solid and covered in snow…I was so sad to miss out on the turquoise coloured water. It’s really soothing to look at. Enjoy your parks challenge!

    1. I can’t believe those dandelions myself sometimes. If you visited Banff and Lake Louise between June and August you might see the turquoise water. I have had a lot of fun so far with the parks. Thanks for commenting 😊

      1. Yes, in hindsight summer would’ve been best but at the time we had an extended break from work so…

      2. That makes sense. Although, I have noticed in Canada that nature is beautiful no matter the time of year. You just get different things

  2. I totally enjoyed this post and I like the idea of you writing about parks. For me, I’d certainly sit close to the lake and take in the illustrious views. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks! It wasn’t the most interesting park though. I love that Calgary has two rivers and I recommend wading in them! Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  3. Your posts are still not appearing in Reader, so I am convinced it is a WordPress glitch. I am assuming you always click “Stick to the top of the blog” checkbox. When I go in first thing in the morning and my post is not on reader, I go back into the post and click the publish date and back date it one minute, then click Update. That seems to do it. Weird things are happening, blogs I am following are suddenly unfollowed and today I discovered some posts by Wandering Canadians never appeared in y reader. All of these glitches might make bloggers feel that I/we just do not care to read them. I can assure that this is the furthest from the truth. As to Shouldice, I have never been there, but after visiting many Calgary parks, I agree, that the best walks are along the river. Stay well. Allan

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I will check things on my end. I will do another park post soon so let me know if you see it on Reader then. Both rivers in Calgary are awesome! Thanks for commenting 😊

  4. I love the discount on the day pass too! I love bubble tea! Right now I’m not buying many treats, especially since businesses have likely jacked up their prices with the Stampede. Thanks for commenting 😊

    1. I developed a love for it in California! Yeah, I found it to be expensive in California too. Maybe because they need to import stuff and that the cost of living is through the roof. Although, getting bubble tea sounds like something I would be comfortable with at a time like this. Even though COVID cases are low, I am concerned about the Delta and Lambda variants

  5. I see those geese here too and they are called Canadian geese. Probably they fly here and there all over North America. LOL.

      1. Just please keep in mind that if you said to a native-born Canadian what you said to me, it would be insulting. Wouldn’t want you to come to Canada and say that to any other Canadians

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