Date visited: August 21, 2021

Location: Downtown Calgary

Best Time of Year To Visit: This was a good time to go because everything was in bloom, but I do think itโ€™s a good choice for winter or any time the Bow River isnโ€™t high.

Wow! This post is LOOOOONG overdue! This park was kind of selected randomly. Originally, we planned to take a walk through the centre of Calgary on this walkway called the Plus 15. I will do a post on that in the future. It didnโ€™t work out, but we were near Eau Claire, so we decided to check out the area, including Princeโ€™s Island Park (say that three times really fast!). I will say more about Eau Claire later. There were so many trees that I knew I had to go back when the leaves started changing. Plus, there is a park there called Eau Claire Plaza, so thatโ€™s another post.

Bridges in the Area:

Peace Bridge:

This was my first time crossing Calgaryโ€™s iconic Peace Bridge! I have seen many photos of it, and this cool video a cyclist did with a GoPro Max. So after 10 months living in Calgary, I was DYING to go on the Peace Bridge for myself! I love how there are pedestrian lanes and cycle lanes on it. By the way, donโ€™t look up for too long. Youโ€™ll start to think youโ€™re high! Another name for the Peace Bridge is the Finger Trap Bridge because it looks like a finger trap.

Jaipur Bridge:

I thought at first this was a new bridge because of all the construction, but no. Itโ€™s being rebuilt because the last one had some structural problems. Itโ€™s due to be completed soon, but who knows if I will still see it in its full glory before I move.

Jaipur is one of Calgaryโ€™s sister cities and I think itโ€™s quite a touching thing to build a bridge in honour of sister city relations and commemorate what the cities did for each other. You can read more about rebuilding the Jaipur Bridge and the history between Calgary and Jaipur as sister cities here.

Onto Princeโ€™s Island Park:

You would think by now I could pronounce it correctly, but no. I recently went to Eau Claire and I saw a street construction sign that spelled it, Princess Island Park. Glad Iโ€™m not the only one who has problems with it!

The air felt particularly fresh with this park since itโ€™s on the river. Summer is clearly the best time to see it in full bloom! I love the balance of city views and river views! Itโ€™s a great place for kids and events. There was a stage there, which I figured was used for concerts before the pandemic.

The Sculpture Garden:

Just when I thought this couldnโ€™t get any better, there was a sculpture garden! The first four photos here are pictures made out of marbles. I find that works beautifully with the feather, the fishtail and the dragonfly wings because those are naturally iridescent. Iโ€™m not entirely sure if the marbles work for the flower though. I sent the photo of the trilobite to my Dad. Heโ€™s so into fossils!

I had descriptions of the other sculptures, but I lost them! So, if you want to know what the other sculptures are, I say, go see them!


Princeโ€™s Island Park is hard to pronounce correctly! Haha! Okay, Iโ€™ll stop joking around.

The bridges getting to Princeโ€™s Island were a little weird. I canโ€™t wait until the Jaipur Bridge is complete. Additionally, my Mum found it difficult to navigate the more hilly parts of the park with her mobility issues.

If you end up there at a busy time, save the visit for later. It was semi-busy but manageable. Also, beware of homeless people hanging out there. They are a more common sight than at the other parks I have been to (so far).

Additionally, I had to use the public washroom at the park. This was the first one I had used since 2019. Letโ€™s just say it wasnโ€™t the most hygienic place. I recommend not forgetting your hand sanitizer.

If you miss any of my future posts on my challenge or want to reread my past posts, you can go to my page Calgary Parks Challenge. You can also find more photos from the parks on my Instagram page here.

See you at the next park in my challenge!