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Health is A Factor:

A week after I got my COVID-19 shot, I had gum graft surgery. Fortunately, the pain was FAR less than it was the first time I got it and I recovered faster! I have been super happy with the healthcare I have received in Calgary so far, and this was no exception. At least during my recovery, I was able to let my immunity develop after getting the shot without having to worry about going outside.How do I feel now that I got my first shot? Weird. There is a certain mental block I have after getting it. When the pandemic started, I got the attitude, “I’m not f***ing around with that s**t!” and I would overthink following COVID protocols. Now, even though I do still follow them, I don’t worry if I make a mistake. Even the best of us screw up sometimes, but the shot gives me peace of mind that I didn’t have before when I screwed up. Also, I read this New York Times article about languishing. Wow! Nailed it! There are lots of things I want to do, but I guess I have been locked down too long. I’ll get past it though.It doesn’t help that cases have been exploding in Alberta. I was recovering from surgery when new restrictions came in. My reaction was, “Fine with me! I’m home anyway!” I’m glad that vaccine eligibility has been expanded. Still, if you need tips, feel free to read my post about getting my shot!

Travel Update:

Thank you to everyone who gave me some travel recommendations last month! Word is that the Calgary Stampede is going to happen. Considering the current COVID-19 situation, it’s like “Oh no!” The plan is to definitely get out of dodge. I know how international events can take over cities. I was in London when the 2012 Olympics happened and there wasn’t a pandemic on top of it. Plus, there might be trouble if there are restrictions on the event because of COVID-19, so I feel it’s best to step away this year.So far, I am in the planning stage of a trip, and I don’t think anything will be finalized for a while. Restrictions keep changing all the time. At least I will be able to travel a bit (safely, of course) and hopefully, be able to see my Dad! Hopefully, next year will mean better times, and I will be able to see what the fuss is about with the Stampede.

More On Cultural Adjustment:

Normally, after the honeymoon period, there is a phase where you don’t like your new home. I found out I was going through that this past month. It’s one of those things I haven’t mentioned before in the past for various reasons, but I am breaking this cycle. There are many misconceptions about this phase, so let me clear some things up.

  1. As a general rule, this phase is really nothing personal against a new country. On the other hand, after this phase, if you STILL don’t like your new home, there is something more going on than meets the eye.
  2. You can tell when you’re going through the phase if your feelings are going to be temporary or permanent.
  3. This phase is completely normal! A country can be absolutely perfect for you and it will still happen!
  4. When you are feeling bad about your new home, it’s not necessarily what people say or do, or things going on in the country. Anything can set this off. Of course, things like the pandemic don’t necessarily help.
  5. You can get it with reverse culture shock too.
  6. A certain amount of homesickness contributes to it.
Case in point

I know I am going to get past this, and once I do, I am going to love Canada more! I saw the movie, Brooklyn recently. It’s so real about moving to a new country! My Irish side was saying, “I’m not crying! You’re crying!”

Some Other Cool Cultural Things:

Note the featured photo on my post. I find it touching how people are still saying “Welcome to Canada!” to me even after several months. I have also learned more about foods in Canada after watching the Great Canadian Baking Show. Despite my current phase of cultural adjustment, I am still trying to find hidden cultural gems!Funny story, I was with my Mum in Uber once and the driver asked us, “So where are you ladies from?” I don’t know if I have said this before, but TCKs have a weird relationship with that question. We can tend to dread being asked that. The general advice is to have a short version answer, a medium version answer, and a long version answer. What I tend to do is start with my short answer and if I get a good response, expand on my medium or long answer. I vary it depending on how people respond to me.This time, I gave my long response. My long response includes that I moved to Canada because the situation was getting pretty desperate in the USA. The Uber driver was very direct with how he felt about the USA and I took it. I said I completely agreed, but also added, “Having lived in other countries, I do understand those sentiments, and it’s okay with me.” I can’t believe I had never said anything like that before, but then again in England, there was a lot about American culture I didn’t know because of growing up there. Although I had some variation on that phrase, it fell flat.I think now that I have actually seen how American culture is after being away for so long, I can imply that it’s okay to say how you feel about the USA to me. I can also implicitly slide in the warning, “Don’t treat all Americans this way!”

Canadian Country Music In Time for Summer:

I stumbled on the following song and had to look it up!

How perfect that summer is coming and found the song. Killed the replay button! I’m starting to learn more about Canadian country music (hey, I’m in Calgary)! Is it different from American country music? That’s a big yes! I am listening to Dean Brody as I write this post. I like his song Canadian Girls as well. One of my biggest hopes is that I will see Dean Brody perform (hopefully at the Calgary Stampede)!


I can’t get enough green things now!! I have waited 7 months for blossoms to appear! Lately, I have gone crazy with the camera photographing flowers, baby bunnies, goslings, and other signs of spring!

I saw a bobcat!

I want to take the black bunny home!

Right now, Victoria Day weekend is about to happen, and the weather has turned. It’s now what I call snailing: a mixture of snow, rain, and hail. Only hardcore campers go camping this weekend. This is apparently the last gasp of winter and then June 1st is a whole different story!To my fellow Canadians, have a nice Victoria Day weekend!

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  1. I absolutely love the Great Canadian Baking Show- it’s incredible!! If you want to listen to more Canadian musicians I would recommend The Glorious Sons (fav song by them is Everything Is All Right) and The Tragically Hip (fav song by them is Fireworks). I would also recommend checking out some Native musicians like JB The First Lady.

    1. I find the Great Canadian Baking Show is SO much better than the Great British Baking Show. Honestly, with the British one, it was so petty and there were some obvious microaggressions towards the contestants who were immigrants and/or people of colour. I loved how the Canadian one let contestants celebrate different cultures. It’s like they watched the British one and said, “That’s not how we’re going to do it!”
      Thanks for the music recommendations too! 😊

  2. Let me just say “Welcome to Canada”. Ha Ha. Canadians, the only group who say I’m sorry” when you bump into them. There is never any down side to being polite.As to the love/hate relationship with a new country/home, I can recall how this affected me as a child growing up. We move 28 times in my first 17 years. I was always the new kid and I always hated my new home/school until I did not. Glad to find and read your posts. Will catch up more later. Stay well. Allan

    1. Well, thank you :). I am always so chuffed to hear that. I know I will get past the low point, and then love Canada even more! Glad to know you can see my posts now :). Thanks for commenting

    1. Thanks again for letting me know. I tried contacting tech support actually and they said it was showing up… maybe there’s something else

      1. I could see me missing a post the odd time but the last 4 or more I’ve had to use the email link. Next time I get the email I’ll specifically look for your post on Reader and let you know.

      2. I see. I keep contacting tech support though. I get the same answer that it is on the Reader. Maybe I need to channel my inner American and go all Karen on them lol

      3. Your new post is not on my Reader. I searched for your site on Reader and it only shows up to your last post in March..I took a screen shot that I can send it uou want. Maggie

      4. Thanks for telling me, and please do send a screenshot. My email is winteroseca@gmail.com. When I contacted tech support, they said it was some data reconfiguring thing and I have to tell my followers to follow me again.

      5. Oh good, hope they really fixed it, I know how it is sorting out these problems sometime. I’ll keep my eye out for it πŸ™‚

      6. Cultural adjustment does take time and can make us waver about our decision to change home countries.
        I’m also not seeing your posts in the WordPress Reader.

      7. Yeah, cultural adjustment is a thing. I am definitely going to be yelling at tech support today! Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

      8. Okay, tech support said that there was data out of sync. It’s synced up now, but they said that you need to refollow my site. I don’t understand why that is though. I am actually about to publish another post, so see if that shows up for you all on Reader

  3. I can’t s other people’s comments and probably something is wrong with my browser. Anyway, I just want to say they are beautiful pictures of the city and your front yard and all the little animals. Wish you a great time.

    1. Well, I haven’t got as big a response on my posts as usual. Maybe it’s something on my end. Thank you for your lovely compliment and comment 😊

      1. Yes, I think you are on WP and another website simultaneously. LOL. it takes a little time to get accustomed to it. Haha.

      2. I do my comments on “notification” from WP, but your post seems not coming up in my notification. Might as well. It teaches me to go looking for missed posts every weekend. LOL.

  4. Your spring photos are like an explosion of colour and joy, the Canadian winter is so long that we appreciate it even more when it stops.

  5. So many great photos, I love Canada! The bunnies are so cute, and I wish the States had the same health care system. Ours is so incredibly broken…

    1. Definitely agree. I mean, there are problems with the Canadian healthcare system, but I prefer to have it than not have it. Thanks for commenting 😊

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