After I published my last post, I found out my stay in Canada got extended! Here was the surprising thing: I didn’t even need to apply to extend it. Apparently, because of COVID-19, the IRCC has been automatically granting extensions. At least they have my updated information though. Feel free to congratulate me on being in Canada for six months! My Mum and I are going to get some nice food to celebrate!

My next step is to get the entrepreneur’s visa. They aren’t being issued right now, but I am staying on top of updates.

Spring has Sprung!

Okay, it hasn’t been that fast. It’s quite pleasant to see spring creeping up on you. My Mum and I call it a slow spring. In California, it’s hot by mid-March. There’s a part of me that says, “Okay, too fast!” when that happens.

Last month, I saw these traces of grass. Now there is more grass! This past week, I saw a hyacinth outside my window! The deciduous trees are still bare, but I see buds there and on the bushes.

Another thing I did lately: I went outside with spring clothes and only a sweater as backup! I could tell by the fact I got two compliments on my shirt in one day that other people are happy the weather is warmer. Okay, we still get some snow and/or rainstorms, but it’s not too bad and they clear up fast enough.

A couple days ago, I sat in the warm sun at a war memorial behind a library

Now, I’m actually writing this when we’re getting a snowfall. That’s April Showers for you! Although, it is good that it’s the only one to happen so far.

I have been incredibly surprised and impressed about how sunny Calgary is! Yes, you get storms, but it’s amazing how fast the weather clears and stays that way for a while. When I moved back to the US, one update from the UK I could absolutely rely on was when it was sunny. I’m serious. ALL my friends in the UK posted on social media about sunny days! I was surprised, “It’s sunny in the UK!” wasn’t a trending topic on Facebook. Okay, I have posted about it being sunny in London too. Guilty as charged. Just goes to show how unusual sunny days are there.

Health is Wealth:

One reason why I haven’t posted as often is I am focusing on my health right now. I am getting gum graft surgery at the end of April. Plus, my Mum and I are doing our own personal lockdown (again)!

Eventually, you get to the point where you start to realize whether certain restrictions are enough. Restrictions tightened in Alberta over a week ago but it’s definitely not enough. I have been warning everyone I know about the B117 variant because I also know about how it affected the UK. The good thing is I think the new restrictions have been a wake-up call. Shops were busy when the restrictions were announced, but now it’s quieter. I live near a main road and the traffic is a lot less lately.

I was talking to my periodontist’s receptionist lately about the restrictions. She talked about how if she had her way, it would be a six-week lockdown. Plus, I told her how I learned to be extremely careful in COVID-19 prevention after living in the US.

Asking for Travel Recommendations:

Let me explain. There is word on the grapevine that our world-famous Calgary Stampede is going to be happening in July. If it does, it sounds like the city will have a major superspreader event. Alberta is planning to have every adult vaccinated by June 30. How realistic is that? I don’t know. Under normal circumstances, I would love to see the Stampede. It tickles a TCK nerve for me. However, I don’t want to sacrifice my health. So, we invited my Dad to visit and go on a road trip together.

I wonder how many Calgarians will have the same idea as me?

What I am Looking for in Travel Recommendations:

  • Either within Alberta or some interprovincial travel, as long as the regulations for that work in our favour.
    • Note: We already have Yellowknife in mind. Going north is definitely on the table.
  • A mix of touristy and non-touristy places. I figure if the Stampede happens, the tourist places might be busy. Jasper, Banff and Edmonton sound nice, but I wonder if people will bring COVID-19 there around Stampede time.
  • We don’t want to go to Ontario or Quebec at this time, for obvious reasons. That means we can’t go to the Atlantic provinces either.Β 

Looking forward to hearing your recommendations!



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  1. Congrats on th extension. I’m with you on the Calgary Stampede. Our illustrious premier wanted a win so back engineered the opening phases to suit. I hope this does not bite hi and all Albertans in the A. Sooner or later, we all have to get back to normal, but I would think more success will occur once we have the second dose. For now, staying safe as usual. As to places to travel….Drumheller, Jasper, Emonton, Peace River country. If you are going to NWT, there is a fine line between mosquito and black fly season and sometimes you get them both at the same time. If you can get there for the longest day of the year (I have twice) that is worth the effort. So many places to see in Alberta, you won’t run out for a while. Stay safe. Allan

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I don’t know what the Premier and people were thinking to allow the Stampede. I have started referring to him as Just Kidding considering the back and forth on these COVID-19 regulations. Like, “We’re reopening! Just kidding!” I wonder how many Calgarians have the same idea as me to get out of dodge. I do agree about second doses. I am on standby for the upcoming announcement on them. Thanks for the recommendation and the heads up about mosquitoes and black flies. Don’t think I can make it for the solstice this year, but we’ll see about the Stampede. Thanks for commenting 😊

  2. Congrats that your stay in Canada got extended (and that it happened automatically!). Hope you’re enjoying your time in Calgary despite the wild weather. Best of luck with your gum graft surgery in a couple of weeks. As for travel recommendations, I’ve been to Alberta three times now and have always enjoyed spending time in Banff and Jasper (which are the obvious choices). During one of our visits we visited Yoho and Kootenay National Parks (both in BC, but super close to the Alberta border), which were also very nice. I don’t blame you for not wanting to visit Ontario or Quebec, it’s a hot mess over here!!

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes! It’s a real landmark to be here for 6 months! Thanks for the recommendations. It’s really important to be proactive about COVID-19 and also where you go travelling during this time. Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚

      1. I’m sure the 6 months have just flown by. Best of luck staying safe and with your trip planning!! It’s hard to plan for the future these days, but good to have a few options.

      2. Definitely! I mean, who knows if my Dad will even be able to get into Canada even though he’s vaccinated. Sometimes the best we can do is enjoy the present. My magpies help me do that 😊

  3. It’s starting to feel like spring here and I am super pleased although I hear it’s going to snow soon here too- it never ends in Canada lol! I don’t have any travel recommendations since I’ve never been to Calgary but have a lot of fun and let us know where you travel too because I definitely want to do some travel once I’m done with uni!

    1. You’re so right about snow never ending here lol. I will definitely share where I go, if the trip is on. Although I do hope the right thing will be done and the Stampede will be cancelled. Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚

  4. If Stampede happens I can’t imagine it will be as busy as usual. First of all, the borders may not be open yet, or just opening.It might be a good year to get a taste of it without the massive crowds and parties. Visit BC’s interior – Kelowna, Shuswap, Kamloops etc. It’s a beautiful area and although can be busy with Canadian toursits in the summer, eveything is outdoors and I don’t think it’s huge crowds. People go there to enjoy the lakes and mountains. It’s hotter than a Calgary summer so it’s a good place if you’re missing a hot sun. Even though Kelowna had a covid problem at the ski resort this winter, the numbers still weren’t nearly as bad as parts of Eastern Canada. Or Jasper is always a good choice. It’s never as busy as Banff. Happy planning! Maggie

    1. Thank you for the tips! I am adding them to the list 😊. That’s good to know about the Stampede. I do wonder though because things are so unpredictable right now. Thanks for telling me the post wasn’t showing up in your Reader. I will look into it

  5. I’m glad you survived the winter. If the Stampede takes place this year it will surely be low-key compared to other years. Yellowknife is a long way. In the Northwest Territories, it is possible to stop in Hay River, make a side trip to Fort Smith and see the Wood Bison National Park.

    1. I hope you’re right about the Stampede. Still, I don’t mess around with COVID-19. Thanks for the travel advice. I just happened to find out about Wood Bison National Park today. My parents and I love national parks!

      1. Wood bison are impressive but don’t expect to see them easily, this is not a zoo and they tend to be elusive. However, you will probably see them once or twice along the way.

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