Bloganuary Day 7: What Makes Me Laugh

Today’s Prompt:

What makes you laugh?

I’m skipping Day 6’s prompt: What inspires me? Answer: The world.


I developed an appreciation for cultural and ethnic humour at a young age. It became obvious that my parents wanted me to broaden my horizons when they showed me Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles (his Magnum Opus in my opinion) when I was eight years old. Of course, that movie was accompanied by a lecture on how I’m not allowed to use the language featured there. Anyone who has seen Blazing Saddles knows why. But, never give a saga an even break! To this day, I still love Blazing Saddles and I have a group of friends who love seeing it too. My advice to anyone who hasn’t seen it before: get past the first five minutes. You will see it’s making fun of racism. At first, you may think it’s just an offensive movie, but actually, NOTHING is sacred to Mel Brooks! Nothing. He makes fun of Nazism, cultural appropriation (before that even became a mainstream term), white supremacy (again before it became mainstream), etc.

Don’t ever tell me to head something off at the pass!

As I got older, I explored more cultural and ethnic humour. I loved the BBC for its comedy, and I began to pick up the nuances of different cultural humour. I didn’t get into comedy much in the US, and then I discovered Trevor Noah and John Oliver! When I moved to Canada, I realized Canadians have an amazing sense of humour and comedy is what helps people get through the long winters! I have started creating stand-up comedy routines of my own based on my own multicultural experiences.

My Answer:

I look around me for humour, and I draw from my background. But overall, I can say that Canadians make me laugh the hardest. I’m always looking up comedy to see on CBC and CTV. Of all the countries I have lived in, Canadians have the best sense of humour hands down! That’s what inspired me to try my own standup comedy. Even if Canadians aren’t comedians, I see them making so many hilarious comments on Reddit or social media!

Here are some examples:

I feel so Calgarian when I see this

Recently, this news story happened, and Twitter blew up over this! Here are some of the best Twitter threads I have seen:

So, that’s my answer. What do you think? What makes you laugh?

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